Digital Printing

Digital printing is the right solution for unrestricted customisation needs, high print quality and production efficiency.

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Nasikajet: the versatility of digital

One of the most important technological innovations, in which we have believed from the outset, is digital printing. The needs of our customers are increasingly oriented towards these requirements:

  • increased printing quality
  • continuous renewal of product graphics
  • increased demand for ready-to-shelf
  • increase in the number of promotions and elimination of obsolete management
  • fragmentation of production batches, proliferation of brands, market segmentation
  • reduction of lead times, both on new projects and reprints.

To respond to these needs, we have created Nasikajet, a specific production line that addresses and resolves these challenges. Working in hexachrome, we are able to guarantee the reproducibility of 98.6% of the entire Pantone range, unlike four-colour printing, which is only 55%. The accuracy of the colour register, realistic quality and optical density of pantone colours are high.

Nasikajet offers many advantages compared to offset and flexo printing technologies: makeready times are zero, as well as production waste; moreover, lead time is not affected by the time needed to set up the press.

Nasika time-lapse

Fepa  - Immagine - Stabilimento - Nasikajet

One of the most challenging projects we worked on was “4.000 faces of Melinda”, the promotional campaign that showed the faces of the 4.000 fruit growers of the Consortium of Val di Non on the packaging. Giving a “face” and a “name” to each package is an idea that excited us, because of the challenge it meant to realise it. Thanks to teamwork and Nasikajet technology, we were able to manage the complexity of the variable data, the excellent level of print definition and the refinement of colour rendering, while maintaining excellent productivity.

Here are the project requirements:

  • 2 million packs in less than 40 calendar days
  • 3 different formats with the need to move volumes quickly and without obsolescence from one format to another
  • 3 variable data per pack in yield 3
  • Database with list of about 1,000 records
  • Each record: Name + Phrase + Image
  • Rigid sequencing of variable data required