Customer Services

For us, granting excellent customer service means paying attention to the entire supply cycle, from design to delivery of the packaging, paying attention to each customer’s packaging line and studying its criticalities, anticipating them with ad hoc solutions.

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The customer at the centre

Quickly satisfying the most different requirements, finding the packaging that best meets the needs and solving any criticality linked to the production process, granting the highest level of quality and service. This is the approach that has always set us apart from our customers. Briefly: flexibility and versatility.

Each customer is followed by a dedicated Key Account in all phases of the project, from the feasibility study, to design, through to production and after-sales. In addition, we are able to provide other fundamental service benefits. Here are the most important ones.

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Total traceability

We are able to track the entire manufacturing process, from the individual reel to the individual box. This gives customers control over the product at all stages and allows them to trace the date of production, the production line and the exact composition of the item.

The ability to intervene in the production process in real time, the mitigation of risk and the ease of identifying defective products are just some of the advantages of working in total transparence.

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Stability of the production process

Once we have established the technical and quality requirements with the customer, a bill of materials is created which sets out exactly what characteristics the product should have.

This document is used for quality checks during production and ensures that there are no differences between the first and last piece produced by the machine, and thus for all subsequent productions.

We use TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) to regularly maintain all our production facilities.
Machine efficiency helps to guarantee product quality, reduces unforeseen events, production stops and enables us to keep our delivery promises.


Print quality validated by mass retailers

We are proud to say that the print quality of our products is judged to be of excellent quality by our customers, in particular by major retailers.

This means that they continue to choose us as a partner and that new players in the sector have decided to work with us.

We repay the trust placed in us with ever greater commitment to not disappointing expectations.


Constant reduction of complaints

Each new project helps us to put our know-how into practice, while also gaining important insights for improving and making our work more efficient.

Thanks to numerous quality checks and the study of data, we have been able to systematically reduce the number of complaints over the years.


Packaging optimisation

For each customer we study the best possible packaging, taking into account various aspects including functionality, aesthetics, but also waste reduction and space optimisation.

The technical team, together with the key account that follows the customer, takes care of the feasibility study, the design, the sampling, right up to product testing.