Product and process innovation

We believe in the importance of keeping up with the times, in order to respond effectively to the demands of our customers. That’s why we invest a lot of resources in research and development, as well as in constant technological updating.

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Product innovation

Packaging today is no longer just an industrial product used to transport goods. It has become to all effects a marketing tool for companies: an object that gives added value and brand recognition, influencing the perceived quality of the final product in the eyes of the consumer. This is why we believe it is important to work in synergy with our customers, to find increasingly innovative and effective solutions to their needs.

How do we keep up with their needs? Every year we invest an important part of our turnover in technology, research and development. In addition to improving machinery, we study innovative solutions, test new products and optimize business processes to ensure quality service with minimal impact on the environment.

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Process Innovation

Over the last few decades, machines in the converting industry have increasingly evolved in speed, performance and print quality, opening up new possibilities for the world of packaging. This is why we invest significant resources in constant technological updating.

In all our plants we are able to manage the entire production process, with specific machines and technologies for each processing phase.

We have two latest generation corrugators to obtain corrugated cardboard sheets with the most suitable characteristics and dimensions. In particular, the model present in the Mezzani production site, with a span of 3,350 mm, is the largest in Europe and in the world.

In the box-making department we have both printing centers and flat and rotary die-cutters capable of working up to 7 HD colors and able to meet the most varied requests for graphics and sizes.

We have the latest generation of Casemakers, which, starting from a sheet of corrugated cardboard, are able to obtain an American cardboard box ensuring the presence of zero trim on the product as well as quality and tolerances of preparation comparable to those of a box in paper.

Finally, our fleet of machines includes folder-gluers, cutting plotters and modern and fast gluing plotters, which allow us to differentiate the range of products offered and meet any type of requirement.