The continuous search for perfection is one of the values that inspires our work every day. We want to be sure that each product reflects the specific requirements and needs of our customers.

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Quality controls

Quality controls are carried out with predefined cadences in a rigorous manner during all phases of the process, in particular during the acceptance of raw materials, the realization of corrugated cardboard (semi-finished) and all phases of transformation (printing, die-cutting, gluing) and shipping.

We are proud to have one of the best equipped laboratories in the industry that, in addition to carrying out the analysis of raw materials, deals with in-depth studies to support customers and the production, research and development, design and commercial departments. The laboratory is also responsible for sending certificates of analysis attesting to the conformity to the specifications of the product sent.

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Laboratory tests

Everything starts with a careful selection of raw material suppliers, who are chosen only if they meet our technical and production requirements.

The materials are analyzed by our laboratory, which in addition to the raw materials also checks the semi-finished and finished products. How do we do this?

We have state-of-the-art instruments, periodically calibrated and checked. We are able to perform tests in climatic chambers by acting on the conditions of temperature and humidity. The environmental stresses that are simulated on the products to be tested are used to determine extreme environmental conditions that could interfere with their correct functioning. Environmental tests are a guarantee of perfect product operation in the required conditions and are useful to identify any weak points from the earliest stages of production.

Furthermore, strict sampling procedures guarantee compliance with ISO standards and great attention is paid to data recording and study.

Here are in detail some of the quality tests that we carry out in our laboratory:

  • Grammage test
  • Humidity
  • Burst
  • SCT
  • RCT
  • COBB
  • Dennison Waxes
  • Gurley
  • Ect
  • Folding test (creasing resistance)
  • BCT
  • Slipperiness
  • Test in controlled atmosphere with climatic cell for fruit and vegetable trays.

To demonstrate our continuous commitment to the pursuit of quality and perfection, we have obtained important certifications.