Our values

At Fepa, we share common values and principles to achieve our goals and set new and more ambitious targets.

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The customer is at the center of our world

Our main objective is to achieve full customer satisfaction.
The pillars on which we base our daily commitment are the following:

  • Competitiveness in continuing a path of constant growth. This translates into the ability to invest resources every year in training, research and development, as well as in constant technological updating.
  • Entrepreneurship, understood as the initiative in seeking innovative solutions and opportunities in step with the times, both in terms of business management and customer services.
  • The speed of response and execution. The approach that has always distinguished us is that of quickly satisfying the most diverse requirements, finding the packaging that best meets the customer’s needs.
  • Result orientation. In each new project we put our know-how into practice, also obtaining important ideas to improve and make our work more efficient, so as to achieve increasingly ambitious results.
  • Flexibility of thought and action. Each project is built by listening to the customer’s needs. A dedicated Key Account follows him in all phases, from the feasibility study, to the design, up to production and after-sales.
  • Quality in guaranteeing the highest product quality standard on the market. Guaranteeing an excellent customer service means paying attention to the entire supply cycle, from design to delivery of the packaging, paying attention to the packaging line of each customer.
  • Lean processes and decisions. We are able to act promptly and effectively even in the face of critical issues related to the production process, anticipating them with ad hoc solutions and intervening in real time.
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Continuous pursuit of perfection

The search for perfection is in our DNA. Each new project stimulates us to put our specialist skills to use, gaining ideas to improve the quality of our products and services.

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The passion of our people

The passion, competence and commitment of our collaborators are our secret. We put people at the center, we invest in their skills and ideas, so that everyone can give their best and all together, as a team, we can achieve the common goal.


Innovation and customer orientation

We believe it is important to work in synergy with our customers, to find increasingly innovative and effective solutions in response to their needs. Flexibility and versatility are the values we rely on to successfully meet the challenges of every day.


Code of Ethics

The values and principles that guide us in our company and towards our customers are expressed in our code of ethics.


Environmental Policy

We strive daily to achieve sustainable development, through products and processes that minimize the impact on the environment and contribute to its preservation.



Fepa promotes an open corporate culture inspired by principles of ethics, integrity and transparency.

This is why we provide special internal channels for seeking and handling reports of unlawful conduct, so-called whistleblowing, relating to our organisation.

In accordance with applicable law, we guarantee strict confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, the persons involved and the content of the report. We do not permit or tolerate any form of retaliation on account of the report made.


Sustainable growth

For years we have adopted the philosophy of sustainable corporate development: environmental, economic and social. We believe that a company should be attentive to the welfare of people, sustainability in the territory and impact on the environment.

On the territory in particular we have many active collaborations with local realities and with social projects: we believe that an approach of great ethical impact is the basis of every path and action.

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