Sandra opens to the public thanks to “Parma Imprese Aperte”

Category: COMPANY

Thanks to “Parma Imprese Aperte,” many companies in the area periodically open their doors to visitors to foster business culture and dialogue with the people who live there.

Sandra has also decided to participate, showing the public one of its two plants: the Casale di Mezzani production hub.

All the places made available on the 4 days scheduled for the visits, November 15, 17, 22 and 24, were sold out.

These were days of intense work and extraordinary aggregation, an opportunity to exchange ideas from the professional technical side, but even more so from the personal side.

The visitors were favorably impressed by the size of the plant, the view of the latest generation of production lines, the automation that reigns supreme in all production departments, and the attention our organization pays to safety, cleanliness and respect for the environment.

We would like to share this satisfaction that we registered with the participants and, at the same time, thank all those who, with active participation, contributed to determining the success of this event, strongly desired to make our company known to the outside world.