WIP warehouse in Mezzani becomes even more efficient

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Magazzino WIP a Mezzani
Magazzino a Mezzani

The importance of keeping up with the times is a value in which we believe in order to respond effectively to our customers’ requests. For this reason we invest a lot of resources in research and development, on the product and on the production processes, as well as in the constant technological updating of the company.

In particular, in the Mezzani plant we have recently completed a project to extend the WIP automatic warehouse to make the production departments fully automated in the internal handling of semi-finished products.

This was a structural project that involved building work, changes to the layout and a major implementation of the management software.

There are many advantages to this intervention: improved work organisation, improved product quality, optimised space occupation, greater safety for people working inside the departments.

The system adopted is also environmentally friendly, not only because it reduces waste in the use of materials for temporary packaging, but also because the energy used to operate it is less than that used by a traditional handling system.

This is an innovative solution, the result of the latest automation technology: another important step for our company, which has always been focused on improvement and renewal.