A new flexographic printing machine arrives at the San Polo plant

Category: COMPANY

10,000 sheets per hour, maximum print quality and high productivity: these are the features of the new flexographic printing machine that has come into action at the San Polo plant. Celmacch’s Chroma High Tech flexographic printing machine, built entirely in Italy, is a top-of-the-range model in the industry: in fact, it offers all the most advanced technological standards, guaranteeing the highest levels of reliability over the long term.

The machine is equipped with an off-line stacker capable of constant production at significant speeds; as well as a high-precision belt feeder, printing from below with a carbon-fiber closed-chamber doctor blade, the output transfer for sheet ejection and the high-stack stacker. Not only that, thanks to the quick set up, there is the possibility to access the printing units during production for changing the cliché.

Once again, Sandra adopts technological excellence for its plants: in fact, the new printing machine will be just the first in a series of high-tech investments planned for the 2022/2023 biennium as part of a path of continuous innovation for the company.