Workplace safety: a daily commitment for Sandra implementing a new anti-collision system

Category: COMPANY

The challenge of occupational safety is won primarily through prevention. In storage and production warehouses, hazards can be many and varied, which is why Sandra has chosen to equip itself with advanced safety systems to minimize the risk of accidents in daily operations at its two plants in San Polo di Torrile and Casale di Mezzani.

In detail, thanks to the new anti-collision system recently implemented on forklifts, vehicles and operators will be able to move freely in loading and unloading environments, averting the risk of collision.

The system consists of a display installed in the driver’s cab and sensors mounted on the outside of the vehicle to detect pedestrians and other vehicles with active tags near the transit area. If an operator or another vehicle enters the range of one of the sensors, the driver receives a visual and audible signal so that he or she can act promptly. The system can also interact directly with the vehicle to modify its speed and movement in situations of imminent danger.

Each event is then archived and recorded in the system’s memory to allow to create statistical reports in order to increasingly improve the level of safety inside the company.

Following the recently completed project to expand the WIP automated warehouse within all Sandra’s production departments, this is another step forward in the area of workplace accident risk prevention.