FEPA SPONSORES THE MOVIE: “La gioia all’improvviso” National premiere at the Astra cinema on Thursday 30 March, at 9 pm

Category: COMPANY

Directed by director Marco Mazzieri, the film “La gioia all’improvviso” was shot in our city with the patronage of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Municipality of Parma and the collaboration of the State Police.

It recounts the days of three operators of the Anti-Violence Centre who dedicate their profession to listening to and supporting women victims of abuse, helping them to rebuild their lives.

Violence against women is unfortunately an issue that is more topical than ever, and our company was pleased to support the making of this film, in the hope that spreading awareness and knowledge of the subject will help to prevent and fight the phenomenon.

To find out more, watch the trailer:

And listen to the interview to the director: