Sandra changes company name: from today we are FEPA SpA


As of 02/20/2023, the name Sandra changes to FEPA Spa, an acronym for Ferretti Packaging.

We think it is time, in a phase of generational change, to consecrate the importance of the centrality of the Ferretti family also through a momentous change of the company name.

The third generation owner, has undertaken a journey of integration into our company ensuring continuity of family leadership .

All that remains now of that company Sandra which started out many years ago is a beautiful, but distant, memory.

From an initiative born from the resourcefulness of a young couple of small entrepreneurs, Franco Ferretti and Gabriella Gabbi, an extraordinary company was born in the 1960s, that went from being a small workshop into a major player in the world of corrugated cardboard. .

The decision to change our name is important and motivating for us, with a view to innovate and evolve also through a company name that represents us in a modern and consistent way with our current character.

This change, however, does not shift the vision of the Ferretti family, which intends to continue to believe, invest and innovate in an industry they are in love with.